Vendors paying with Credit/Debit/Paypal- 2019

DO N\nOT submit your form without the password! You will NOT be accepted! Click here, read the ENTIRE page and submit your form!

PLEASE NOTE: Food vendors MUST submit menu when sending in form and Must have menu and prices VISIBLY displayed at the festival!!!

For Credit/debit payments complete with paypal

  1. Download and fill out 2019 VENDOR FORM jan 1
  3. Choose appropriate paypal button below, click to pay.
  4. You will receive paypal receipt, this serves as payment confirmation
  5. Booth information will be sent the week prior to festival

You MUST return the vendor form or your registration is not complete!

***Once payment AND vendor form are received they will be processed. The vendor list will be updated on the SHF Facebook page as they are completed! PLEASE allow two full weeks!!***

**Vendors! Please include ONE link for our website. This can be your Facebook, or website url. This will be made into a clickable link on our confirmed vendor page!**

If you have special instructions or need a custom booth size contact before making payment!!!

10×10 NON-Food- $125 ea (after April 1) Select Quantity on next page

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10×10 Food Vendor $175

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10×20 Food Vendor $250

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Custom Booth $300 – Please indicate custom needs. ex. food truck, or larger booth size needed

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10×10 Non-Profit- $50 ea (Jan 1-March 31) NO selling allowed in Non-Profit booth, informational purposes only!

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