Vendor Registration-2019

April 27th, 2019 10am-5pm

VENDORS: New form AND NEW Vendor Email this year, please read this page in its entirety as well as the policies page (you will receive a password needed on your form to be confirmed).

The prices listed are REGULAR pricing and are valid through March 31! After that date, the prices WILL INCREASE! No exceptions! This means PAYMENT and FORM must be received! Any payments mailed MUST be received BEFORE March 31 or you will have an additional charge.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone send Paypal funds to ANY SHF Emails! You MUST USE THE PROVIDED PAYPAL BUTTONS!

All vendor registrations are subject to approval by the Socastee Heritage Foundation.
Maximum of 5 vendors selling the same type of product. Closed Categories: Italian Ice, Mary Kay, Avon, Paparazzi, 31 Bags, Tupperware, Scentsy, Origami Ow, tacos & nachos, grilled cheese, boiled nuts,& cotton candy

. ALL vendors are STILL required to check the confirmed list to make sure their company is not represented!

10 X 10 SPACE for NON-food vendor $125.00

10X 10 SPACE for FOOD vendors $175.00

10×20 Space for FOOD vendors $250.00

Custom Space Larger $300.00

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION* MAX 1 Space 10 x 10 $50.00

*Informational purposes ONLY, No selling allowed! If you want to sell any items you must pay regular vendor rates.

All vendors need to STOP NOW CLICK HERE and read this page ENTIRELY! You will receive a password that is REQUIRED to be a confirmed vendor.

IF the password is blank you WILL NOT BE A CONFIRMED VENDOR! No exceptions!

Choose an option below to access vendor forms

No longer Accepting: Chiropractors, Elderberry, Ice Cream (of any variety), Hot Dogs, Italian Brats

Credit/Debit or Paypal click here! (PREFERRED METHOD)

Check or cash payments Click Here!

**Vendors! Please include ONE link for our website. This can be your Facebook, or website url. This will be made into a clickable link on our confirmed vendor page!**