Socastee Heritage Festival Policies and Procedures

We advise that vendors print and save this page for your records.

Please read our policies and helpful information. Should you have any specific questions please reach out to us on Facebook, that is the fastest way for a response.


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General Questions:

Parking Policy

Parking is limited and is first come first serve.

We have handicap parking available at the Methodist Church on the 707 side or Palmetto Shores Church on the Forestbrook side, you MUST have a handicap sticker, plate etc OR YOU WILL BE TOWED!

There are free parking spots at the Socastee Elementary School and Socastee High school, landing under 544 bridge, or palmetto shore church on Forestbrook side of bridge.

We do NOT recommend for you to park at ANY businesses (Food Lion, Rite Aid etc) You will get towed!

We do not offer any shuttles to or from the festival. If you require assistance PLEASE locate a SHF volunteer or board member and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We will have assistance available for elderly and/or handicap guests within the festival as well.

Electric scooters are allowed. Skateboards, go carts, golf carts, hover boards ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Animal Policy

We allow pets at our event. HOWEVER, all pets must remain on a leash at all times and MUST be under control of their owners at all times! Should any complaints arrive you will be asked to leave. Pets should also be well mannered, and behaved; this includes excessive barking, jumping, running, lunging etc. Also, BRING BAGS for your pets waste!!

Vendors, we do allow pets, but we do not recommend having them out all day. It does get very warm during parts of the day and we do not guarantee shady spots. Please use your discretion.


Socastee Heritage Foundation has been graciously attended by Right Move Photography for the past couple years. Their pictures are posted on our website (and theirs) after the festival. PLEASE, do NOT edit their logos or pictures for your own personal use. You are welcome to save and share them on any social media and personally. If you wish to obtain a photo without their watermark you can contact them directly at

Please note: While our photographers and members try their best to capture everyone we do NOT GUARANTEE that every vendor will have their photos taken. Our photographers are VOLUNTEERS and are donating their time to us so please be respectful to them if you do contact them. If you want to ensure your photo is taken we suggest you take your own photos. We will gladly post them to our event photos after the festival.

Personal photography is allowed and encouraged! Please share your photos on our Facebook page Thanks!


We are always in need of local talent that are willing to donate their time and services for our three stages. We are also seeking local groups to perform on the Performing Arts Stage- such as gymnastics, karate, dance etc.


Socastee Heritage Foundation is actively seeking other like minded individuals to join us to help the local community. We need hands on help throughout the year as well as on the day of the Heritage Festival and our Christmas Festival. We are also seeking local businesses who want to sponsor or donate their services.


If you are traveling and searching for close lodging search in the Socastee, Carolina Forest, Hwy 501/Hwy544 area.

Political Information

SHF has a strict policy concerning political figures. We do not allow vendors to promote any political figure nor do we allow political figures to pass out information at our events. This includes passing out information AT a vendor booth as well as walking around and handing out information. We do not allow this at all.


Vendor Policies

Every vendor must read ALL POLICIES! Regardless of vendor type read all including FOOD POLICY!

This year we ARE NOT giving exclusive rights to food categories or items. We WILL space out food vendors fairly along the festival length. Note: there IS A CONFIRMED vendor list for everyone to access.

Food/Samples Policy

Vendors who sell or give away consumable products: there are THREE distinctions.

ONE: Immediately consumable. This is for products that do not need any preparation by the consumer and can be consumed immediately. This includes but is not limited to, pies, cakes, hot food, ice creams (and similar), anything meant to be consumed right away. These vendors MUST PAY the food vendor price, and can give samples at their discretion. *Please note: all food vendors MUST have prices CLEARLY DISPLAYED on their booth for the entire festival. Please also attach your menu to the application.

Two: Consumables that involve prep work. If your product is a consumable but is not meant to be consumed immediately. This includes, but is not limited to; honey, elderberry syrups, drink mixes, dip mixes and DS companies such as plexus, tastefully simple, juice plus etc. These vendors can give samples of ONLY THEIR PRODUCT and can pay the regular booth fee.

Three: Non-consumable vendors. These are vendors who do not sell a consumable product but wish to give away a free consumable product to entice people to visit their booth. Ex: Photography business who has a candy dish, or A/c company who wishes to give away ice cream. These vendors MUST PAY the food vendor prices! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

Face Painting Enticement Policy

If you wish to have a face painter you MUST pay an additional booth fee of $75. This is IN ADDITION to your original booth fee not included in it.  This is for vendors who are using it as an enticement NOT ones who are specifically come in for face painting.  Clowns or balloon animals are ok.

Food Vendor Policies

If you have read the above and determine you are a food vendor the following applies to you. Yes, even those that are only giving away a consumable.

You MUST have pricing CLEARLY stated and visible to customers. If you are giving away something you need to state “Free” somewhere visible.

Trash: we have limited bins available and only one volunteer for trash pickup. This means food vendors MUST bring at LEAST two 32+ gallon cans to place in their area (vendors giving away a consumable can bring only one can, that is the ONLY exception). You are responsible for your own cans. You are also responsible to take the trash with you at the end of the day. Our volunteer will make best efforts to pick up all tied garbage bags up through 4pm, bags MUST be tied up and easily accessible for him to pick them up, he WILL NOT be pulling full bags out of the cans.

If we find that you have left trash at the end of the day (tied bags, loose garbage or anything else) you will be fined no less than $50 but the fine could be more based on county assessment.

Entry: Food vendors will have NEW PLAN for entrance on the date of the festival. This will be posted prior to the festival as soon as we have the best procedures in place. It will be posted on or before PLEASE do NOT email us asking for the plan. When we have it we will post it.

Direct Sales Company Policies

We will only accept ONE vendor per Direct Sales Company. The spots are first come first serve regardless of past participation. We will not hold spots. You must send your form AND payment to be confirmed. We do our best to update the confirmed vendor list in real time for DS companies. Please have your DS company CLEARLY stated on your vendor form. CHECK THE CONFIRMED VENDOR LIST BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR PAYMENT!

Non-Profit Policy- Limit one 10×10 booth

Vendors who register as a Non-profit MUST INCLUDE their 501C3 Number! Please do this when you send it in. If you do NOT put your number on your form you WILL NOT be a confirmed vendor. With over 200 vendors we do not have the time to contact you for this information. NO SELLING allowed, no exceptions! You can accept donations. You MUST abide by the food policies stated above! IF you want to sell a non-food product you must pay the non-consumable vendor rate. If you want to give away candy or consumables please see the food vendor policy above, you MUST pay the food vendor price! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Confirmation policy

PLEASE do not email us or message us to ask if you are confirmed. Again, we have over 200 vendors and cannot respond to countless emails asking. When you are confirmed you will be added to the confirmed vendor list on our website. If you have checked our website and do NOT see your name listed please check the time frames below. ONLY if you are not listed and have waited the recommended time, please send us an email. 

You must send FORM AND PAYMENT to be confirmed. One without the other will not be accepted.

***** We do NOT send confirmation emails! Paypal payments will receive receipts immediately. It is the responsibility of the vendor to check the website for their confirmation!!!*****

After you are listed on  our confirmed vendor list please feel free to share our Facebook event, post in the event, share the page or event, post your business info for people to find etc.

Paypal/credit card Policy

Paypal/Credit is our preferred method of payment. It is also the FASTEST way to be confirmed. Note: spots are first come first serve and are NOT guaranteed until we receive form and payment. If you have sent your form AND payment you should be added to our site within 3-4 days. PLEASE make sure your paypal email matched the email you send your vendor form from, if they will be different send your application first and note what email payment will come from. It is very difficult to match payments to forms when the emails do not match. Once confirmed you are added to the website under confirmed vendors.

Other payment options/Checks/Money Orders

Vendors who cannot print the form can pick one up in person from KC Hall at the Everything Under The Sun Flea Market south of the airport in Myrtle Beach on business 17 across from the Myrtle Beach State Park. She is located in the Avon booth.

This does NOT mean you do not need the password for entry! EVERY vendor Must have the password!

Checks/ money orders will take a minimum of three weeks for confirmation. NO CHECKS after April 1st.

Vendor Important times

Confirmation: Based on your payment method you will be confirmed on our website in the allotted time listed above. It is the responsibility of vendors to check the website and make sure they are listed as confirmed! We do NOT send email confirmations and will not confirm via email, you HAVE to check the website to see if you are confirmed.

Setup/breakdown: as our form states set up time is 6am-9am the day of the festival and breakdown begins at 5pm. All vehicles must be removed from the road by 7pm no exceptions! We have volunteers to help vendors who may need assistance with unloading/loading, tent setup, restroom and food breaks.

Vendor Packs!!!

Vendor pack will be available on this site and our Facebook Event page on April 23. PLEASE do NOT email us asking for the pack before that date and be sure to check Facebook for updates! It will NOT be emailed, or mailed! It will ONLY be accessible online here or on Facebook.

Please put this password on your SHF vendor form as confirmation that you have read and understood ALL vendor policies!

Password Confirmation: SHFAprilFestival2019