Vendors Paying with Credit Card/Paypal

Vendors: your registration is NOT COMPLETE until you submit your vendor form! If you pay via PayPal your spot is NOT reserved until your vendor form is received!

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send payments to any SHF emails. This is NOT THE WAY WE ACCEPT payments. You MUST pay using the Paypal buttons! That is the ONLY way we can accept electronic payments. 

For Credit/debit payments complete with paypal follow these instructions

  1. Download and fill out 2018 Christmas vendor form
  2. Email to
  3. Choose appropriate paypal button below, click to pay. DO NOT SEND FUNDS DIRECTLY TO ANY SHF EMAILS.
  4. You will receive payment confirmation from Paypal. This is your confirmation.

You MUST return the vendor form or your registration is not complete!

***Once payment AND vendor form are received they will be processed. The vendor list will be updated on the SHF Facebook page as they are completed! PLEASE allow two full weeks!!***

10×10 Non-Food vendor space- $35

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

10×10 Food Vendor Space- $75

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards