Announcements Feb 8th: Confirmed vendor list inside!

Volunteers: We are still looking for community members to help us with setup, breakdown, and activities during the day. You do not have to commit to the entire day, we will have shifts. These hours can count towards school, or any service hours needed.

Sponsors: Our sponsorship form is now available under the sponsor registration tab. Please read over all instructions!

Vendors: So far we have received payment for around 30 vendors but HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE REGISTRATION FORM for all of them. You are NOT confirmed until we receive payment AND the form! Check below to make sure you are confirmed, if you do not see your name we have not received your form and/or payment! The form needs to be emailed to or mailed to our P.O. Box. Make sure you indicate you have paid already!

Confirmed Vendors

  • Kona Ice- Shaved Ice
  • Randy’s Rock of Fire- exotic rocks
  • Yvettes Boutique- crystal jewelry
  • Happy Cats Jewelry- handmade jewelry
  • Bit-O-Leather- handcrafted leather
  • American Legion Post #40
  • Bath Fitter
  • Rubber Band Guns
  • Premier Sound Sattelite & Security
  • T & F’s Hot Dog Shed
  • Exit Coastal Real Estate Pro’s
  • Mary Kay- Carol Austin
  • Carolina Energy Conservation
  • Lu La Roe- Samantha Shaw
  • T Rex Computers
  • LimeLight by Alcone
  • Nyce- Shaved Ice
  • Brand Muscle
  • Keyware- keychains
  • Shutter Up- photography
  • Monica’s Yarn Creations & Polish Pottery
  • Beacon Baptist
  • Studio V concesions
  • Grand Strand Down-Syndrome Society
  • Gripps Grill

If you do NOT see your name or business and have sent payment this means we have NOT received your vendor form! You must the form to become a confirmed vendor!

We can no longer accept the following businesses:

  • Scentsy
  • Mary Kay
  • Lu La Roe
  • Computer repair
  • satellite/tv service
  • bath fitter
  • leather
  • Food: Hot dogs (footlongs), corndogs, funnel cakes, shaved ice, Italian ice, lemonade, Italian



20 thoughts on “Announcements Feb 8th: Confirmed vendor list inside!

  1. Hi my name is Wendy Hain. I paid for a 10 x 10 $75,00 my email company. Step Back Into Time. Please make sure you have me on list and if needed I can send you paypal receipt to you if needed. Or I can resend application. I know you updating your list still please let me know if you need anything from me still have a blessed day.


      1. Jan 30th 2017. Transaction ID 4sy06453pc2924453 paid to socastee heritage foundation. My receipt was sent to my dragon heart rose email address but field out application for step back into time. I wastill there last year under dragon heart rose but this year I am doing business as step back into time.


  2. Hi Lisa. Have you found my information for Step Back into Time yet. I can resend it or send you the email or text that said someone received my information please call me at 843-424-0000 if you need anything from. Me please have a blessed day


    1. I’m meeting with a board member this week and should have an update. I’m not a board member and don’t actually handle the vendors, but I’m in charge of updating the site after I hear from them. I have you on my list to ask about and will be posting an update soon!


      1. No worries. Wendy Hain. Step Back Into Time / Dragon Heart Rose let me know if you need any of my info from paypal or from heritage email. Here is my phone number if needed 843-424-0000 Please have a blessed evening Lisa


  3. My name is Mary Chapman of Chapman’s Custom Outdoor Furniture. I mailed a check in the amount of $75 along with the registration on February 6, 2017 for the upcoming festival. Will you please check to see if my name has been added to the list of vendors that have been confirmed.


  4. I still don’t see my name on the new list. We have been vendors at this festival for the past four years. Is there anyway you can let me know where I stand. This I need to know so if I’m not approved, I can began to look for another festival to replace this one. As I previously stated, my check and registration form was put in the mail on February 6.


    1. Please give it some more time. It’s quite possible it got held up in the mail. Generally after the check is cashed it will take another week or so to be confirmed. The person who checks the mail and deposits checks is the treasurer and is not the same as the one who handles the vendors so it takes some time for confirmation. Thanks for your patience.


  5. Good morning. If you would, please check the status of my application and let me know where I stand on being a vendor at the festival. Thank you.


  6. The check has not been cashed. I guess I can cancel the check and pay via pay pal but what would I do about the registration form. Previously, each year I paid via pay pal but I didn’t this year because I wanted the payment and the registration form to be received together.


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