8th Annual Socastee Heritage festival April 28, 2018


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Community Benefits

  • socastee_signProvide Awareness for the heritage of Socastee
  • Raise funds for community needs
  • Raise funds to benefit community children directly affected by fire or natural disaster
  • Provide a day for the community to unite through the Socastee Heritage Festival
  • Develop community pride
  • Allow Socastee area schools to celebrate together as part of the same community
  • See where the funds go!


About Our Foundation

The Socastee Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization led by a group of community members, some native to Socastee, some what we call “local”, and some “transplants” who got here as quickly as they could! SHF is not associated or affiliated with any government agency, political party, or ideology.

Board of Directors

  • Bo Turbeville
  • Amber Brendlen
  • Dennis Reynolds
  • Santo Perry
  • Debbie Perry
  • KC Hall
  • Richard Ward

Honorary Members

  • Teresa Turbeville
  • Susan Wenrich